RenderPoints and Payments

RebusFarm measures the render power used in GHzh and debits the appropriate amount of RenderPoints from your account. You can purchase RenderPoints in the Login Area.



Before you can use the render farm you must have enough RenderPoints in your account. Our CostCalculator can give you an estimate of how many RenderPoints you will need. To start a render job you must have enough RenderPoints for your job on your account.


Negative RenderPoints

The Render Farm can deal with your account being overdrawn, but with a negative balance of your account the renderjob will be paused. In this case the Render Farm completes all current frames and stops the renderjob afterwards. After your job has finished rendering you can purchase the remaining amount of RenderPoints, which will make your rendered images available to download.

In general this allows you to make a prepayment of 50% from the expected costs and pay the remaining 50% for your renderjob at the end of rendering.

Always use the CostCalculator to make sure that your renderjobs don't get paused before completing.


Methods of Payment

Logged-in users will be forwarded from the CostCalculator to the payment module, where you can choose from a number of ways to pay.